Unleash Your Magic! featuring Rob Berkley

Unleash Your Magic! featuring Rob Berkley

Debbie and RobIt’s no secret that our retreat in Miami this year featuring Marianne Williamson was one of my all-time favorite Women on Fire events. I hope it ranks high for you too.

A highlight for me, among many, was when my husband and business partner Rob Berkley presented “Unleashing Your Magic!”

Because so many of you asked for the recording, I decided we would close 2017 together by featuring Rob’s talk and taking to heart his words and wisdom to live your best life.

If you were there, enjoy reliving the experience. If you weren’t able to attend, you can now transport yourself to Miami with us and savor Rob’s key and useful presentation.

As we move into the holiday season and the end of 2017, I hope you will complete this month’s special coaching lesson – 17 Questions for Your 2017 Year-End Reflection. For added value, consider sharing with your family and closest friends.