Learning from the Heart: Life at 80 featuring Nancy Aronie

Learning from the Heart: Life at 80 featuring Nancy Aronie

Dear Woman on Fire ~

I often talk about the wise women in life, those generous souls who share their experience and insights with us.

For the Thanksgiving podcast, I am so grateful to have one of them join us. She is a beloved member of our circle, and we can always count on her to bring plenty of wisdom, love, and laughter to the table.

Nancy Aronie is one of the most dazzling and creative people I know. She recently celebrated her 80th birthday, and her ever-youthful, ever-joyful spirit is still soaring.

Among her treasure trove of accomplishments, she is the founder of Chilmark Writing Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard and the author of the brilliant guide Writing from the Heart. Nancy Aronie with Debbie Phillips

In our delightful and often hilarious conversation, she explains why she was older at 30 than she is today. She regales us with the joys, sorrows, and lessons of the past as well as her plans for the future.

She leads us to overcome fear and doubt, teaches us how to create a safe space for ourselves and others, and inflames our desire to write!

In the After Interview, Woman on Fire Carolyn Hut — my college roommate! — tells what writing has meant in her life.

Happy Thanksgiving month to you and your family!

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