Get Inspired!

  • Are you on autopilot, just going through the motions of your day-to-day life?
  • Are you hesitant to pursue your passion — or even unsure of what your passion is?
  • Do you feel isolated and rudderless in moving your life forward?
  • Do you worry your best years are behind you?
  • Do you fear that it’s too late to have what you really want in life?
  • Have you wondered if you’ll ever figure out your purpose?

Are you ready to create more of the life that you truly want?


  • Exploring what you genuinely love
  • Being surrounded by encouragement and support
  • Feeling vibrant and alive
  • Discovering your passions and taking the steps to pursue them
  • Realizing there’s no better time than now to live your dreams
  • Finding fabulous women to join you on your journey
  • Knowing your best years are yet to come

Join us now for inspiration, strategies and support from Debbie Phillips and Friends!

Women On Fire is a community of women who inspire and support one another, personally and professionally, in leading their best lives.

We believe that to live your most authentic, fulfilled life, you need  the safety and the companionship of other women  cheering you on.

We also believe that, to have more of what you deeply desire in your life, you need inspiration and strategies.

That is where our membership program comes in.

By joining our monthly program, you will have exactly what you need to be your best. You will learn tried-and-true strategies for work and home, and you will take your place in a community of the most generous, caring women you could imagine.

We all have the power to transform the way we see ourselves and our world. And, it begins with your answer to this question:

“What’s the dream for your life?”

Whether you know the answer now or are yet to discover it, Women On Fire can help you translate your dream into reality.

Being a member allows you to access Women On Fire’s full array of benefits and exclusive programs. The materials are designed to help you navigate every aspect of your life– from relationships to career, from fears to first steps, from setbacks to success. We are here for you.

Check out what some of our current members have to say :

“Being part of Women on Fire has transformed my life! Don’t wait to join. I’m so much more aware of myself, so I can take better care of myself to better serve others.”

Alessandra Chiareli

Business Executive, Minneapolis, MN

Every woman in America should be doing this. It’s a no brainer. This is the best $30 a month you will spend on yourself. Shoot, we waste more than that on a trip to Target. If you are looking for a way to get some inspiration in your life, looking for a way to get some relief, to learn and to grow, Women on Fire membership is a must!”

Jill Dulitsky

Owner Key Hyundai of Manchester & Milford, West Hartford, CT

“Women of Fire membership is like having a toolbox for success. Women On Fire is a place that you can show up looking and feeling your best, or your worst– it doesn’t matter! You will always belong. WOF brings out the ‘I think I cans’ and the ‘maybe I coulds’ in me. Because of the WOF community, I can believe in the possibility of my dreams.”

Kim Dettmer

Writer and Illustrator, Berea, OH

“Since joining Women on Fire as a member in January 2013, my confidence has improved. I now have an outlet to connect with others and increase my network through learning. This group has empowered me and enabled to me harness all of the potential within me to keep moving forward.”

Gail Forest

IT Program Manager, Stockbridge, GA

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If you’re ready to invest in yourself, to reach for your dreams, to fuel your passion, to meet some fabulous women, and to become a Women on Fire member, then we invite you to say

Yes, Debbie, I want to join Women on Fire as an official member and receive your monthly Debbie Phillips and Friends Care package.

I understand that I may cancel at any time by contacting the Women On Fire Member Care.

Your monthly Women on Fire Care Package includes:

  1. A powerful and inspiring interview with Debbie and her special celebrity/expert guest, along with Debbie’s key insight and strategies in the after interview.
  2. Debbie’s monthly coaching lesson: Receive personal coaching tips and strategies to enjoy and help you to grow on your own timetable.
  3. Comprehensive transcript: Easily follow along with the monthly interview. Keep notes and highlights for continued inspiration, strategies and support.
  4. An inspirational message from Debbie, full of strategies to help you move forward.
  5. Quick Tips Sheet For Busy Women: The essence of the guest interview is summarized for reference or to hold you over until you have the time to listen or read in detail.
  6. Each month, you are invited to join Debbie for a live webinar coaching call to interact with Debbie and other members on a topic designed to help you transition and thrive through the ups and downs of life. This is an exclusive opportunity for members to receive Debbie’s insights and personal coaching. It’s also your opportunity to connect with other Women on Fire, share your dreams and goals, and even potentially win an autographed copy of one of our monthly Books to Live By.
  7. Exclusive access to the private Women on Fire Facebook group, which has been named by many of our current members as “the best part of the entire membership experience.”
  8. Discounts for annual retreat registration fees and other programs.
  9. Members-only invitations to pop-up gatherings across the country.
  10. Weekly you may feature your business, product or service in on the private Women on Fire Facebook page posting #websitewednesday.

PLUS! If you join now, you also will receive in the mail a Women on Fire notebook, yours to keep even if you decide not to continue your membership.

1. What's the difference between being a part of Women on Fire and being a Women on Fire member?

The benefit of being an official member and belonging to the membership program is that you get to experience all of the best that is Women on Fire. You will be part of everything that we offer: you’ll receive our latest celebrity/guest-expert interview in a digital monthly membership packet; participate in a live monthly coaching call with Debbie; receive discounts to our events; be included in the private, members only Facebook page and much, much more.

Being a member also helps you to further connect with our amazing community and provides you with even more tools to help you live your best life.

2. How much is membership and how is it paid?

Membership, which costs $1 a day, is paid monthly. We know how busy you are, and we’ve set up a convenient payment system so you don’t even have to think about it. If you ever need to cancel your membership, we make that simple too. And you are always welcome to re-join!

3. What kinds of topics can I expect to see covered?

We cover topics that relate to every aspect of your life, helping you to be your best and most successful. Here’s a sample of topics covered in the past: Relationships, Navigating Your Transitions, Friendship, Health, Following Your Dreams, How to Live an Extraordinary Life, Financial Well-Being, Grief… and the list goes on.

Each month we bring you materials that will help to inspire and move you toward your dreams and goals.

4. What if I know of an amazing woman who would be great to interview?

We would love to meet her! Please send an email with any recommendations to Debbie’s assistant, Daren Stinson,

5. Who can I talk to if I have more questions about membership?

Please contact our Director of Member Care, Dianne Phillips, at

6. Is there a deadline to sign up for membership?

The only restriction is that you must sign up on or before the 26th of any month in order to receive the next month’s membership package.

7. What events do I have access to as a Women on Fire member?

Our members love connecting during the monthly Live Chat Master Class. Additionally, as a Women on Fire member you are entitled to discounts on admission for our annual retreat, and to the strategic planning workshop called Vision Day®. As a member, you also have the opportunity to attend local events sponsored by Women on Fire members in your area. Please refer to the events section of this website for more information.

8. How do I invite my friends to become members?

Simply share our website with them. We also suggest having your friends connect with Women on Fire through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You will find all of our social media platforms at the very bottom of this page.

In addition, joining the membership program is an amazing opportunity for friends to stay connected. Plus, it gives you the chance to meet new friends and to receive the inspiration and support to live your dreams!