Private Chef Serves Up Her Favorite Tips and Strategies featuring Maria Rizzo

Private Chef Serves Up Her Favorite Tips and Strategies featuring Maria Rizzo

Dear Woman on Fire ~

I recently passed my 40th day at home in isolation.

We are all doing our parts to end the cruel pandemic and protect ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors.

It has been a challenge for me, as I know it has been for you.

For one thing, I can’t remember having every meal at home for such an extended period since childhood. I accomplished this, in large part, with the help of Lean Cuisine.Maria Rizzo Center

That is, until I interviewed my May guest, Maria Rizzo. Our fun and far-reaching conversation saved my bored and weary taste buds!

Maria offers advice from a lifetime of cooking for others, from family meals to making grilled-cheese sandwiches for the gathered masses at Grateful Dead concerts to her 14-year stint as chef for Whoopi Goldberg.

Her tips and strategies will help you deal with picky eaters, restricted diets, last-minute dinners and more. She answered many of your questions and even shares her best recipe!

We are so happy to have Maria in our Women on Fire circle and deeply grateful to Laurie Forster for introducing her. Above is a picture of the three of us during normal times.

This month, we celebrate our mothers and all those who nurture others, including the doctors, nurses and many others working and sacrificing each day to keep us healthy and safe.

Wishing you all a loving and tranquil Mother’s Day,

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Debbie Phillips
Founder, Women on Fire®