Meditation: Learning to Be Excellent at Life featuring Juan Alvarez

Meditation: Learning to Be Excellent at Life featuring Juan Alvarez

Hi Woman on Fire ~

Day-to-day life, especially in uncertain times, can allow overwhelm to sneak in on us.

It’s easy to fill our time and our brains with all the things we have to do. We push our self-care to the side, ignoring the toll this can take on the mind, body, and spirit.

But there is a tool, available to everyone at any time, that can reduce stress and improve well-being: Meditation. This simple, effective method is a personalized roadmap to your best life.

In the February podcast, I introduce Juan Alvarez, who has been my meditation guide since I met him shortly after Rob’s death.

He shares his own journey from a joyful childhood to the tumultuous world of business as a CEO. A meeting with a former monk got him started in a meditation practice that turned his life around.

This picture is a screenshot of Juan conducting a morning meditation on Instagram (@consciousexecutivecoach). I join him daily, as do other Women on Fire. It begins our days in a way that encourages calm and resilience, no matter what chaos we may face.

In the After Interview, I talk with Laura Tiberi, a beloved member of our Women on Fire circle who uses meditation to help her through a serious health challenge. She also treats us with a bit of relevant poetry, another of her favorite elixirs!

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