Unstuck: Moving Forward During Tough Times featuring Holly Getty

Unstuck: Moving Forward During Tough Times featuring Holly Getty

Dear Woman on Fire ~

Are you frustrated? Uninspired? Perhaps you are constantly getting sick or simply feel something is missing in your life. What is going on?

Maybe you are stuck! Debbie and Holly

My guest for the October membership podcast is Holly Getty, my dear friend of 20-plus years and a key person in helping me to get Women on Fire off the ground in 2003.

This month, she is here to assist you.

Holly had just been laid off after many years as a fashion industry executive when the pandemic struck this year, making her job search all the more difficult. Even her freelance work as a style consultant and closet guru dried up with the abrupt economic and lifestyle shifts sweeping the country.

She was stuck. But a change in perception moved her in another direction, as she explored how to apply her experience and hard-earned skills in fresh, innovative ways.

Now she has a new business, Unstuck, to help you do the same and move forward through your life struggles.

In our amusing and thought-provoking talk, you will learn her best strategies on focusing your day, discovering your purpose, leaving a legacy, dating, and so much more!

Thinking about you with so much love,

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Debbie Phillips
Founder, Women on Fire®