Debbie Said, ‘Ask Me Anything!’ And You Did

Debbie Said,‘Ask Me Anything!’ And You Did. featuring Debbie Phillips with Daren Stinson

Dear Woman on Fire ~

We are shaking things up this month, turning the tables.

In response to our recent survey inviting you to tell us your areas of greatest interest, we learned that you want to hear more from me.

Your wish is my command!Debbie Phillips with Daren Stinson

So, we told you to ask me anything! I was amazed at the range, depth, and ingenuity of responses we received.

For the August podcast, my assistant extraordinaire, Daren Stinson, joins me in the studio as we delve into what is on your mind.

Women on Fire asked about my daily practices, who I’d love to interview, and how I feel about a future intimate relationship.

You wanted to know how to pack for a long trip, find your geographic home, make a big decision, and decipher intuitive urgings. And that is just a small sampling!

I know you will be as fascinated as I was with the issues raised. May this be just the beginning of the conversations!

Big news in the After Interview! I am so excited to hear from Daren about her nearly completed novel, Learn to Dance in the Rain. Brava, Daren!

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Debbie Phillips
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