Are you a Woman on Fire?

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“From the moment I joined Women on Fire, it just felt like home.”

Amy Boyle

Professional Photographer, Chicago, IL

“I love being a member of Women on Fire because whenever I need support, I can tap into the community and get it.”

Lara Riggio

Wellness Coach, New York, NY

“Women on Fire is my go-to community filled with women from all different backgrounds, joined together by a common thread: a genuine desire to support the goals and dreams of one another.”

Linda Neff

VP Development & Communication, Milwaukee, WI

Every woman in America should be doing this. It’s a no brainer. This is the best $30 a month you will spend on yourself. Shoot, we waste more than that on a trip to Target. If you are looking for a way to get some inspiration in your life, looking for a way to get some relief, to learn and to grow, Women on Fire membership is a must!”

Jill Dulitsky

Owner Key Hyundai of Manchester & Milford, West Hartford, CT

“Since joining Women on Fire as a member in January 2013, my confidence has improved. I now have an outlet to connect with others and increase my network through learning. This group has empowered me and enabled to me harness all of the potential within me to keep moving forward.”

Gail Forest

IT Program Manager, Stockbridge, Georgia

“Being a member of Women on Fire has helped me to break through many challenges in my life. I’m supported by like-minded women who are compassionate, loving and hold the space for me to be wherever I am. Attending a tea party or a retreat for me is like going home. I can be myself and feel supported, safe and totally loved.”

Shannon McCaffery

Strategic Marketer, Redding, CA

“Whenever I get together with the Women On Fire, I get reminded of and more connected with my goals and desires. I also get to celebrate what I’ve done, which I don’t take time to do in the normal course of life. I love the intimate nature of the gatherings, where every minute is quality time and we get to talk about what’s really important to all of us. Such experiences are priceless.”

Sophfronia Scott

Writer, Sandy Hook, CT

“There is so much passion, so much love, so much support here, and it is just something fantastic!”

Sai Jimenez

Life Coach, Blauvelt, NY

“Women on Fire motivates me, inspires me, and makes me feel really good about where I am and where I can be.”

Kitty Munger

Communications Expert, Dublin, OH

“What I love about Women on Fire is how easy it is to connect with women of all backgrounds and ages and walks of life!”

Kate Rouze

Traveler, Dancer, Writer, San Francisco, CA

“Somehow, all the right kind of women end up in Women on Fire. They’re vibrant, smart, forwardthinking, and positive – even if they’re going through a rough or uninspired patch in their lives at the time. They’re the kind of women who want to improve themselves, and to be positive participants in an interactive community. No matter who you’re talking to at a Women on Fire event, you just never get a ‘lemon’!”

Catherine Law

Actor and Marketing Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

“If the cheerleading squad at my high school were anything like Women on Fire, I would have been first in line at try-outs. Finally, a place we can show up to coach and cheer each other on as we make the big play.”

Noelle Celeste

Magazine Publisher, Cleveland, OH

“Being a part of Women on Fire has transformed my life! I feel like I am part of this wonderful sisterhood, and I can go to my sisters at any time for support and understanding.”

Kay Raypholtz

Social Worker, Richwood, OH

“Women on Fire will inspire you to live your dreams!!!”

Mary Brown

Flight Attendant, Woodland Park, CO

“The name “Women on Fire” and the book first attracted me online. My passion had died to a few embers and I needed fire and passion back in my life about making changes that would inspire me back to living a life of fulfillment, giving back and making a difference. Debbie is so passionate about what she does, generous of her time and gifts and brings us through interviews, the book, conferences, teas and more…so many other amazing women. Thanks, Women on Fire for helping me to get my mojo back!”

Darlene Wade

Program Administration Specialist, Roanoke, VA

“Women on Fire helps me to be a better person.”

Janet Simmonds

Travel Professional, Oxford, England

“Women on Fire propels me forward with each and every gathering. Isolation is the dream killer. And the connections I make and support I receive through Women on Fire solves that problem instantly!”

Holly Getty

Fashion Executive & Personal Stylist, New York, NY

Don’t be intimidated by thinking that you aren’t ‘good enough’ or ‘successful enough’to be a Woman on Fire. It just might be the inspirational springboard that gives you theconfidence to take the next steps in improving your life and fulfilling your dreams!”

Lori Osinga

Mother, St. Catharine’s, Ontario, CA

“Women of Fire membership is like having a toolbox for success. Women On Fire is a place that you can show up looking and feeling your best, or your worst– it doesn’t matter! You will always belong. WOF brings out the ‘I think I cans’ and the ‘maybe I coulds’ in me. Because of the WOF community, I can believe in the possibility of my dreams.”

Kim Dettmer

Writer and Illustrator, Berea, OH

“I could never have imagined the impact the Women on Fire community would make to my life. I look forward to the Live Chats, monthly CDs and all the love and support I feel each month!”

Becky Adams

Managing Partner of Flourish Press, Lewistown, NY

“There is nothing like it! The pure notion of being enveloped in a support cocoon of women who listen…. to whatever it is you need to say.”

Laura Tiberi

Executive Director, Delaware, OH

“Every time I come to a tea party, I am blown away by the energy that is created by women who are willing to inconvenience themselves for the sake of growth, who will gather with a group of people who may start as strangers, but who quickly become friends, as though it had always been so.”

Jenifer Madson

Author and Executive Coach, New York, NY

“Being part of Women on Fire has transformed my life! Don’t wait to join. I’m so much more aware of myself, so I can take better care of myself to better serve others.”

Alessandra Chiareli

Business Executive, Minneapolis, MN